What Sets us apart


We want to redefine quality by making our homes the standard by which all others should be measured. To do this, we do not want to follow how others might build your home. Instead, we build it the best way it can be done. We do not think a slab is the best way to build a large home. We prefer a pier and beam system, giving you access to the systems of the home. It also provides much greater insulation for your home. We know you might want to add things to your home in the future, so this also makes it much easier to do.

Would you buy a car if you could not lift its hood and service it? Well then, why would you buy a home where you cannot access the operating systems? There is a growing trend to look at cheaper materials for construction in framing, but at what cost to the structure of your home? You do not want wall cracks in a year or two. You want a strong, safe home for your family. We specify steel beams for the foundation and Douglas Fir for the wall framing. We do not use white wood in our homes! This might sound expensive, but it’s not. We sheathe the entire structure to give you the greatest wall strength. The goal is to give my clients a home not just another house. There are too many points to cover in this letter. So, let’s talk about your needs as a person.

We know this business well and we really love our work. It shows when we talk to you personally about your home. Our attention to detail and our hands on approach will surprise you, but so will the end results! We want to build your home! We strive to provide the finest homes in the country. We do this by examining the clients’ needs, dreams and lifestyles. We help them design their home with the help of an architect, landscape architect and interior designer. Just as a conductor helps a symphony create beautiful music, we help our clients create a beautiful home. That’s why we are your local custom home builder.



As the founder and owner of Brian Long Custom Homes (previously Elegant Estate Homes), Brian Long has been in the building business for twenty years. He started as a Master Carpenter, Cabinetmaker and slowly built his reputation for quality and design. Today, his skills are more finely tuned than ever. He has a broad base of knowledge in all trades and ensures that everyone involved with his projects has the same strong sense of pride that he has. This brings the best possible quality to you, the client.

After many years of large renovations and custom homes, it was a natural evolution to start building the finest home possible; The Estate Home. Brian Long Custom Homes luxury home construction has ranged in size from 6,000 to 22,000 square feet, each one a unique architectural design. We have been in the Austin area for ten (10) years and building fine homes for twenty (20) years. We won the Max Award in 2005 and entered again for 2006.

Our “hands on work” in the trades provides special tools to make all aspects of your home come together the way they should. We solve problems in the field correctly and quickly without having to call someone else for technical support.


 Each and every house started by Brian Long Custom Homes will be the finest one ever built. With all the new technologies being introduced into the market each year, you can be assured the best is yet to come. We work very hard to use these new ideas along with Old World Craftsmanship and pride in building your new home. If you are not sure about the future of your new home, please contact us – we can help. It is our hope that we will be your builder for your new home. We start working the day you call me and never stop until the job is done, from concept to completion. We will also take care of you long after you are in your new home with all your maintenance needs or other needs you might have. That is one of the many things that makes our company special. Our constant supervision, onsite office, and real expertise in fine home building makes us the logical choice for your project. We look forward to helping you very soon!