Brian Long Custom Homes of Austin is so sure that you’ll love working with them that they want to introduce you to two customers who trusted us to create their custom dream homes. Find out why they are proud to own a home built by Brian Long Custom Homes of Austin.

Steve & Sheered James

"We have never built a home, but we wanted a custom home to suit our extended family of children and grandchildren. Brian Long Custom Homes was the right choice for us. Their primary focus is on quality, from site planning to post construction. The quality is obvious in their attention to detail, material selection and day to day workmanship. They have very extensive experience with all aspects of construction in complex homes, and are not just schedulers like so many builders today. The company has design capability, which was very helpful to us since our architectural plans did not have all of the appropriate detail. This design capability helped us add fine touches to the interior and exterior of the house that made the difference in appearance and functionality. After construction was complete, they were very responsive in providing post construction services without any hassle. Their continuous commitment to quality and homeowner satisfaction is refreshing and is what makes them stand apart in home building industry today. One last comment–Brian Long Custom Homes specializes in pier and beam construction and is an energy efficient builder. In our case, the costs of power to service our new home is 30 to 40% cheaper than other homes we have owned in Texas. We believe Brian Long Custom Homes is the right company if you are planning to build a unique, custom home that will last more than a life time."

Sue & Doug Sewell

"Sue and I presented Brian Long, the man behind Brian Long Custom Homes of Austin, with several challenges that made our project more than just another really great home, beginning with huge excavation and landscaping projects which were daunting to say the least. Brian delivered beyond our expectations, creating an amazing roadway to the water, cutting through a 40 foot limestone cliff, while also delivering a spectacular integrated system of ponds, waterfalls, and streams. The ponds also serve as the reservoirs for the extensive landscape irrigation system. We purchased a large German style barn from New York state and had the timbers re-raised on our property. Brian overcame all obstacles of working with huge Hemlock beams from the mid 1800’s and delivered to us a magnificent barn/guest house, which must be seen to be believed. Oh, and of course, he also built our Hill Country dream home, designed by Robbie Fusch, arguably the leading estate architect in Dallas.

Brian talks a lot about excellence and quality and all I can say is he is one of the few who isn’t all hat and no horse. I watched the process closely from start to finish and this is an amazing house, built to last, with just about every energy efficient set of materials and methods available brought to bear on the structures. The precision of construction is superb. We utilize a state of the art rain water collection and purification system for potable water for the house and guest house, again no particular challenge for Brian to deliver. If you are looking for a house that 25 good builders in the area can build, Brian can do it, but if you are looking for a unique, one of a kind house or complex, on an estate or Hill Country Ranch, Brian is one of only a few you should even consider."